Saturday, June 6, 2009


I now have a studio, in Pioneer Square. I intend to do several things there:

  • Shoot portraits (I'll likely set up some backdrops, get some nice props, etc.)
  • Shoot commercial/product work (jewelry, art work, and who knows what else)
  • Build things (e.g. light sculptures and tools, for my long exposure work)
  • Set up a darkroom, so I can do my own printing
  • Do some creative darkroom stuff, once that's set up... including lensless photos, and who knows what all
  • Open up on the 1st Thursday of each month for the Pioneer Square Art Walk (I'm at the OK Hotel, 212 Alaskan Way S, Suite 105... come find me!)

If you have any interest in having portraits made of you, or photos taken of your stuff, drop me a line! Otherwise, just drop in some 1st Thursday, and check it out. :-)