Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Ask Lindes - Photography Q&A Blog

OK, I've been thinking of doing this for a while... and I've finally done it. Well, there's no real content there yet, but it's started up. What is this, you ask? Ah, good, you're asking questions! I like a curious mind. Good thing I have one, then, too... I guess that means I can like my own mind. ;-)

Anyway, what I'm talking about is Ask Lindes, my new photography Q&A blog. You (anyone) can send me questions you might have about my photography, and/or photography in general, and I'll do my best to answer -- and if I feel it's appropriate, I'll answer on the blog.

Answers may be edited over time; the hope is that each posting will be a useful document unto itself, for someone trying to get a particular question answered. I expect some questions to be more general than others, of course. Any question is welcome, from a general how-to to a very specific technical question, or a question about how I made a particular image.

So, there it is... Ask away!

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