Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Taxing Plastic Bags...

So, there's a petition out there to encourage San Francisco in their notion of putting a fee or tax on the use of plastic bags from the grocery store. I like this idea a lot (and I put my name on the petition). Right now, I sometimes (when the check-out clerk bothers to care) get 5 cents off my ticket for bringing my own bag. Frankly, I'd rather knock a penny or so off each item in my bag, and pay 5cents for the bag if I forget my own bag, or need an extra.

I'd like to see this become ubiquitous, frankly.

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle. I do recycle my plastic bags when I have them, often after re-using them a bit. Wouldn't it be even better, though, to just reduce my intake? I'm working on my part of that... Won't you join me?


Laura said...

We do all get all excited about the last R, Recycle, when the first R, Reuse, really has a much greater impact. Less packaging to begin with solves a lot of problems.

I am also pleasantly surprised whan a checker asks me if I would like a bag before they shove all my purchases into a 'free' plastic bag. I cheerfully say, "No thanks!" :)

lindes said...

The first R is Reduce, not Reuse. Reuse is #2. :-)

Still, both are above Recycle... And now you're doing #1 and #2, both! Yay!