Saturday, February 9, 2008

Caucus, Obama, etc.

Wow. I highly recommend y'all go watch this video about Obama versus Clinton. I was a bit unsure who I wanted on the Dem's side before that video, and I'm much less unsure (more sure I want Obama) afterwards.

Seriously, go watch it. 20 minutes well spent. (Even if the style is a little... different; that's ok, though... change is something we want, right?)

Meanwhile, I went to the Washington state Democratic Party's Caucus today for my voting precinct, and boy am I glad I did. A room full of people (all neighbors, no less -- though I only saw one person who I particularly knew in my precinct, though one of the workers was a familiar face from somewhere or other) actually talking about things with each other. Neighbors. Talking. We need more of that, in all sorts of ways, and for all sorts of reasons. Very cool. I'll definitely be going back again.

And alas that I was not elected as a delegate. My uncertainty at the time on how I would vote surely cost me the ability to get that roll (or at least an alternate position). Fortunately, Laura will be going, and my across-the-hall neighbor (the one person I actually knew there) is an alternate. So, my hope is that I can tag along with Laura when she goes.

And if any of you are in states where there's still an option to go to a Caucus, or just wanting to know if you should go next year: I highly encourage you to attend. No matter who you're supporting.

Don't forget: watch the video.

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Unknown said...

Yeeehaaw! Going to the caucus was fun, wasn't it? Thank you for encouraging me to go and helping me get all the info I needed, sweetie. I even exchanged numbers with a few people who live in my building but whom I have never met. Isn't it interesting that we live in a time when it is so easy to communicate with people, yet we don't know the person who lives down the hall from us? Wacky.

Of course you can come with me! Just stand behind me and make like an ostrich, they will never see you. ;)