Saturday, April 9, 2011

Looking for a fresh start...

Laura is gone. Today, she collected some more items, which she had left here for my use, but which, upon me letting her know that I wanted to move towards purging and moving on, she figured she wanted to have, rather than have them just go out into the world.

So now, I'm more ready to have folks come over and pick over my belongings for things they might want. It is my intention to sell nearly everything, and hopefully soon. I'd like to reduce my rent burden significantly, not to mention just freeing myself up to be more mobile - to travel if I want, to live in a house with others around (which I think would be much healthier for me), etc.

It's time to move on. I'll keep the clothes that fit me, some as-yet-undetermined quantity of memories, probably some photography gear (though certainly not all of it, and probably none of the darkroom gear), a computer or two, and hard disks... And hopefully very little else.

If anyone would like to help me with this process, I'd very much appreciate it. I could use help in several areas:

(1) take things off my hands. Come pick through my books and dvds and cds, old legos, tools (from a pipe threader to Ethernet tools, plus a bunch of more mundane stuff), old computer gear, camping gear, eventually furniture... Everything, pretty much. Some items I'll want a decent price for; others, I'll ask you to take with you, whether you want them or not, if only to help me get it to Goodwill/Value Village.

(2) helping me sort and organize. There's a lot of stuff here, and much of it requires me to go through it one last time - to record memories, look for items that belong to others, etc. Even just having people around to talk to as I go through this process would be helpful... Having folks willing to take on a few tasks upon demand would be even better.

So come, help me move on. And perhaps say goodbye, lest I opt to travel when all is done. I think it's time I visit foreign shores, and I don't yet know where I'll go, or whether or when I might return.


Jiro said...

If one immerses oneself in water,
the old skin comes off easier.
Be well, be happy.

ann said...

Sounds like you're back from your home away from home. Sorry we didn't get a chance to visit. Between my crap health and J's crazy overtime we don't get out much. Unfortunately, the same will probably apply to your purge, though I am highly tempted to call dibs on the pipe threader. :-)

clamoring said...

I have found purging to be incrediby helpful in the healing process. I wish you the best, my friend.

WhisperDeCorvo said...

I'd love to come help, unfortunately dont have much cash to buy, but if nothing else I can help and keep you company!

Pablos said...

Fujitsu snapscan S1500 changed my life. Awesome fast reliable double sided color scanning. Automagically OCRs, PDFs & dumps everything into Evernote to be strewn about the cloud. Seriously, I have a garage full of useless old scanners this is the first one that rules. - Pablos

Tracie Howe said...

Sounds like you've got a good plan going. Travel. For sure! I don't think I'll have time to come by though. I've been working too much, and dreaming about work, which is not restful. I don't have time for much these days. Good luck!