Monday, February 6, 2012

On the road (wait, no, rails) again...

Well, I finally got things going, and got out of Seattle once more.  Not that don't love Seattle, mind you, but, you know, it was time to leave 5 months ago, and nothing really changed that, I'd just gotten sucked back in when I came back for something specific.

And now I'm in Portland.  Currently listening to an open mic at the 3 Friends Coffee House, which is actually quite enjoyable.  I've never really attended open mic events much, though I've heard about them, and they always sounded like a good idea.

It's a mixture of spoken word and music... and, this being the Pacific Northwest, it's progressive and interesting.

I think I might well be back; this appears to be a weekly thing.  Who knows, maybe I'll prepare something for spoken word next week????  We'll see.  Maybe the week after that.  ;)

Anyway, I miss my friends in Seattle, and I'm also glad to have gotten going again.  I think I was stuck there.  Glad I broke free.

The train ride was fun.  I ended up sitting across from someone who used turned out to have been my upstairs neighbor for a few years, though I don't think we'd ever met.  It may be a small world... but there's a lot more of it for me to see.

(P.S.  Check out the moon.  The moonrise was lovely... it's higher up by now, though.)

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