Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Magnetic Personality...

I put very little stock in the "fortunes" in so-called fortune cookies. They do, however, at times provide amusement... And at times provide interesting food go thought. So I like them, and I take them, when offered.

One was offered to me today, in an indirect sort of way (a bin of them left out at a business I frequent), so I took one. It tells me:

"You have a magnetic personality."

It has a little picture of a rose, with leaves (seemingly still on the living plant) next to it.

A magnetic personality, huh?

So what happens if two people with magnetic personalities meet? I guess it would depend on which poles were facing which directions, wouldn't it? Maybe they'd attract, super strongly. Maybe they'd repel each other.

Or maybe they'd start with the former, and then somehow a pole would flip, and they'd repel. Is that what it is? Is that how it works?

Or maybe the metaphor is just bunk, since I'm not really so very magnetic as all that.

Just random musings.

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