Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hallo aus Berlin (und mehr)!


Well, here I am in Berlin.  It's now been just over a week.  I figure I'm long overdue for a blog post... but internet access comes and goes when you're hopping around from place to place a lot, as I am, thanks (many thanks, really) to CouchSurfing (CS), and my various hosts from there.

I'm having fun.  It's good.  It's not completely a new experience for me to be somewhere where I don't know the language, but it's something I've done very little of, and I'm rather appreciating it -- though of course, most folks here speak at least a little bit of English (more so than the amount of German I can speak, mostly).  But I'm learning more and more.  In fact, I just had a "tahn-dem" (tandem) language exchange meeting with someone that I met last night at a CS event for language exchange.  She brought an English-language novel that she was reading (John Grisham's The Confession), and read a few paragraphs of it, asking questions as she had them, and with me giving her any significant corrections that seemed necessary.

And then she also did me the huge favor of bringing a kid's book (a book about Der kleine Eisbär -- the little polar bear), which I then tried to read.  I think I did half-way OK with pronunciation (though I was definitely getting some corrections), but my understanding was pretty limited, starting out.  But I wrote down some words with their translations, and perhaps I can study them between now and my next meeting with her, and I'll do a little better the next time.  :)

Meanwhile, I've also participated in the 15october march here in Berlin, and helped bring the Human Mic.  More on that to come, when I have more chance to edit some video...  Hmm, I think I'll end this post now, actually, and go work on that.  So... more to come.  :)  Sorry, I meant to write more in this post, but it got interrupted... and now I'm interrupting back to work on video.  :)

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